SANLORENZO Shipyard: SD92- 27mt navetta (Vtr) Sd122 -36mt navetta (Vtr) 40mt alloy RODRIQUEZ Shipyard: Serie 35mt Serie 38mt -321 Serie 48mt Serie 70mt CONAM - Rodriquez Shipyard: 75ft WideBody (Vtr) 80ft Sport RIZZARDI Shipyard: Technema 105 ft (Vtr-alloy) HEESEN Shipyard: 35mt WideBody (Opus2)
-Renovation of apartment and studio in via Alfieri (Florence) -Recovering farmhouse in Tuscany (municipality of Pelago) -Renovation of apartment on Via della Scala (Fi) -Apartment renovation in via Toselli (Fi) -Apartment renovation in via Delpino (Ge) -Project-integral 2-storey villa, in Carmignano (Signa) -Project of Interior of the Palazzo dei Congressi di Pisa -Apartment renovation in via Giambologna (Florence) -Apartment renovation in via Maffia (Fi) -Apartment renovation in via J. Nardi (Fi) -Apartment renovation in via Lorenzoni (FI) -Casa del Miele, Isola d'Eba - Renovation of apartment in Piazza Savonarola (Fi) -Progject of Loft in Piazza Tasso (Fi) - Apartment renovation di attico in via Zara (Fi) - Renovation of entire building in via Pier Capponi (Fi)
Since 2007 he self-employed at his studio in Florence, covering both design and architecture of interior and furnishings. In his projects there is attention to detail and a particular effort in maximize all the available space. Among the architectural projects executed:
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BAGLIETTO Shipyard: 30mt-10174 (Charly Boy) 34mt -10176 (Thunderball) 34mt -10177 (Nauta) 34mt -10178 (My Space) 28mt-10179 (Spago) 42mt-10180 (Blue Scorpion) 34mt -10181 (Apache) 30mt -10182 (Saramour) 38mt -10183 (Bellissima) 32mt-10184 Open (Astarte) 42mt-10186 (Blue Eyes) 34mt -10187 (Tatiana) 34mt -10189 (Revitality) 43mt -10190 (AnnaMia) 53mt -10191 (Blue Scorpion2) 34mt -10192 (Blue Princess) 44mt -10194 (Tatiana2) 34mt -10195 (The One) 34mt -10197 41mt -10200 53mt -10202 41mt -10204 SemiDislocante 41mt -10205 SemiDislocante 44mt -10208 41mt -10209 Wbody
The Yachts works to which he has collaborated, taking care from the general plan to the 3D shape, the furnishing of the exterior, and in some cases, of the interior, are:
Architect, designer, interior designer. He graduated with honors in Architecture, specializing in industrial design in Florence (Prof. R. Segoni) presenting one of the first fully CAD theses of the faculty. He has worked in various graphics and architecture studios; among other works, he design of shops like Gucci in Capri and Bologna. Since 1995 he has been involved with the design of luxury yachts in both fiberglass and aluminum. From 1999 to March 2007 has carried on business in partnership, working actively in the drafting of projects for interior and exterior of Yachts from 28 to 50 meters, designed with 2D and 3D CAD systems, and following all the stages of their implementation by the shipyard.
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